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Management For Your Estate

  • Over a decade of experience
  • More than 200 estate sales conducted 
  • Courteous, professional staff



  • Organize, sort, and price all the sales items 
  • Conduct market research to ascertain fair prices
  • Advertise on trade websites, our site and through local signing
  • Record all sales, accept cash, credit and checks and provide exceptional customer service    



In most circumstances, our fees are equal to or lower than any firm in the liquidation business 

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May 8 - 11, 2019

Open 12pm on Wed and 10am the rest of the week

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Attics & Beyond

(817) 528-3049 or (210) 362-4820

Facts and Questions



Q: How much do you charge for a sale?

A: Usually 35% of the gross sale price of all the items.  On large ticket items over $5,000, the fee is 15%.  Personnel costs and expenses for supplies come out of our 35%. We do charge up to 45%, (very rarely), for certain sales with special circumstances...

Q: Do you charge a minimum fee?

A: No.

Q: Can you have a sale if you're still living in the house and do not plan to move?

A: Yes, if you just want to downsize and are not planning to move, we can still conduct an estate sale.

Q: How do you get the prices for the items?

A: Based on the condition of the item, we consult several websites for new and used prices on similar items, (furniture, electronics, appliances, tools, etc), and apply past experience to price items fairly and equitably trying to strike a balance between the  value of an item and what customers would be willing to pay in the current market.